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In addition to product and environmental photographs, the Authentic Package is also personal. In this package, I place greater emphasis on documenting your team working and interacting together. This is important to show clients not just what you do, but who you are and how your team relates to each other. This helps you build personal trust as well as brand reliability for your business. 

I also include a Team Headshots Package (for up to five team members) because this package is about marketing YOU as well as your product. I like to capture both candid environmental portraits as well as more traditional posed portraiture that can be used for your website or social media platforms. 

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Authentic business 

business films 

This small package is suitable for businesses and organisations requiring some help with branding or just a few images to display on social media platforms or websites.

My goal is to make your business feel authentic and relatable in your own environment, not stuffy and staged in a studio. This session is particularly suitable for businesses operating on location or with a shopfront. 

It will also work well for active work-from-home businesses, particularly artistic and creative enterprises.  Examples include (but are not limited to) art and hand-crafting businesses, caf├ęs and bakeries, dining, catering, food trucks, tourism, sports coaching and swim schools, architecture, trades, horticulture and agriculture. Whatever you create, I'll make it look great!

Photographs typically would include not only product photography but also other aspects of your business, such as your shopfront, industry or environmental details, and perspectives that will enable you to communicate your brand online to your clients and to invite them in to experience your service. 

This package is also suitable for personal business portraiture and headshots for a sole trader or a small team requiring photos of just a few team members. 

Please note, this package is not a staged product photo shoot. It is about capturing the essence of your business and showing how your products and services relate together in a real-world setting.

Contact me for more details if you are interested in monthly or bi-monthly photography sessions (with discounted rates and flexible payment plans). 

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Business Starter

As the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words". Do you have a message you want to communicate to your members or clients? How are you planning to get that message across to them? Even if you send them an email or a newsletter, are they actually going to read it?

Storytelling Photojournalism is a great medium to use when you have a particular goal in mind. Why not tell your story through images? 

When I am working on a photojournalism project, I will discuss your proposal with you in advance and then work from that brief to implement your specific vision. Photojournalism is a powerful medium for communicating a message to your members or clients. It's not just about slapping a random image on an article (you can use stock images for that!). Photojournalism uses imagery to tell YOUR story, with YOUR people in the most direct, effective way possible, or to enhance the written word and further communicate your message visually.

I can provide a Photojournalism story sequence for your organisation, suitable for both online or print publication. I can also work to your graphic design specifications and consult with your design team. A Photojournalism story sequence can be featured as a stand-alone piece or can support and enhance the written word. 

This is relevant for all types of organisations, departments, ECE providers, schools, hospitals, hospices, retirement villages, churches, charities, or sporting and community interest groups wanting to showcase a particular story, event or function. Let me help you visually communicate the story you wish to tell. 

I also have discounted services available for organisations with charitable status. I'm here to help! Drop me a line. 



Photojournalism + Business Photography

Print Featured

Bookings and Enquiries

Increasingly, your clients and followers are being bombarded by companies vying for their business. How are you going to stand out from the crowd? IGTV and film is changing the way companies attract clients, don't come late to the party!

I have a number of options for small advertising films, anything from 40 seconds to 10+ minutes. Packages are available for multiple short films. 

This is particularly suitable for business start ups, small companies and organisations who would benefit from video advertising content but where high cost film production is out of reach. Let's talk! Please get in touch. 

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Whether you have a special birthday, anniversary, party, baptism, formal, cultural event or even a staged performance, booking an event documentary is a great way to record it. 

My style of event photography is about capturing real and natural moments for you to remember long after the guests have left. It's so much more valuable to relive your special occasions in print which is why all of my packages are inclusive of both online-optimised and full-sized digital files as well as your choice of beautiful print product selections.  These packages are  suitable for any personal event or function where the images are not intended to be used for profit or promotional purposes. 

Contact me for rates if your event is for a business function or for commercial advertising. 

Event Photography


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