Kia Ora!

I'm a visual storyteller, an extrovert and a people person. My love for photography started very young (my Great Grandmother was a very obliging first client!). I received my first real film camera for my 8th birthday and I've been making pictures ever since. In my other life I'm also a wife, mother, chauffeur, event co-ordinator, chef and personal slave to a pint-sized dictator. I have two fun and entertaining boys and two confident and energetic girls. Our home is busy but we love it!

Home for us is Christchurch, on New Zealand's breathtaking South Island. I honestly can't get enough of the beauty of this amazing country. Although we're originally from the "West Island" we've lived here in New Zealand for 10 years and this is our home. I love to travel and I'm keen for adventure so I'm very excited to meet you wherever you are to capture your family story or your wedding.  

I'm solidly addicted to Kapiti Ginger Nut Ice-Cream and soppy TV shows that make me bawl my eyes out - hello, "This Is Us"! 

If I'm making a family film for you, I can 100% guarantee there will be tears, but they won't only be mine - my goal is to make you cry too! I want you to SEE and FEEL and EXPERIENCE the joy and the love your family has for one another in the ordinary, everyday things and in all the small stuff of life.

All my sessions are unposed and relaxed. All you have to do is be yourselves; my job is to capture the essence of what makes your family unique. I love to capture light and shade, movement, humour, and connection. These are the things that really make me excited to document your family's story. 

When I'm telling your family's story, I'm preserving these special moments of bonding between you and your loved ones, which will be significant for them in decades to come. These family films and photo story albums are keepsake treasures that will be passed on for generations to your children and your children's children. Your life doesn't have to look perfect for me to tell your story, but it's going to be real and it's going to be amazing! 

If this sounds like something you're ready to experience then please get in touch. I look forward to meeting you and creating some magical memories for you and your loved ones. 

P.S. I am also an adoptive mum and we are a bi-racial family. Our youngest daughter is deaf and I can communicate visually through NZSL. If you are deaf and interested in any of my sessions, I would especially love to connect with you; just message me through my contact page and we can set it up. I am on both Glide and FaceTime too.

xo Liz

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