Babies change so rapidly in the first days and weeks of life. If you don't record it, you will blink and this precious stage will be gone. A new baby brings a rush of emotion. It's excitement and joy, fear and insecurity. This little life is so small and fragile and is dependent on you for everything, the responsibility can feel overwhelming.

It's a lived experience that needs to be felt and savoured and treasured, but I know very well how hard it is to really focus on those precious moments when you have a new little life to tend to, you're all getting to know one another for the first time and you're completely exhausted.  

This is one of the reasons why I'm so passionate about the Fresh 48 newborn session. It really is a one-time deal. a once in a lifetime - literally - that you never get back again. At least not in this moment, and not for this child. 

Fresh 48 + NEwborn Sessions

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Ready to book?

If you have other children coming in to visit, I prefer to come in before they arrive for some quiet time with just you and your new baby for at least the first 20 minutes. It is lovely to capture siblings doting on their new baby, though - it makes for some really special memories. 
It is a good idea to let other visitors know that you are having a photo session and to ask them to arrive afterwards. It can get very crowded in a small room with too many bodies.

Maternity sessions are best scheduled around 36 weeks. This is a good window. you will be obviously pregnant but not so close to your due date that we could miss out. Of course, your baby may choose to come early and sometimes they do. If this happens I will refund your maternity session fees or you can use them towards print products for your newborn collection. 

Absolutely. If you book a maternity and a newborn session together you will save the session fee for your newborn session ($140). Do you know I also offer newborn films? For more information about Film options have a look

You might be having a difficult recovery, or healing from surgery. Whatever the case, I will work with you to make sure you are comfortable with the timing of your session. If you have booked a Fresh 48 and it is just too much to manage, we can easily re-schedule for an in-home session in a few days or a couple of weeks later. If I am sick on the day of your session I will reschedule so as not to jeopardise your baby's health. For your peace of mind, I am fully vaccinated for MMR, Pertussis, Covid 19 and I have an annual Flu Shot. 

Two weeks prior to your due date, you can purchase your digital + art collection from the available options. After your session is completed and your viewing gallery is ready, all you have to do is download the images you have selected as part of your collection and use your included print credit for the products you would like to purchase.
If you have ordered a beautiful album (exciting!) I will design it for you and send you a layout to proof before it goes to print. I will deliver your beautiful products to you and you don't even have to leave the house! 

How many people can be part of the session?

What happens after the session?

When should we book a maternity session?

Do you offer a combined Maternity/Newborn option?

What happens if we get sick?

Not much! Babies are unpredictable, so we need to be flexible. The beauty of a 48-hour window is that I can usually re-arrange my schedule within that time to make sure that I can be there. We will book you in for your due date, I just ask you to let me know as soon as you are able after your baby is born. 

How much notice do you need? 

While the Fresh 48 session is scheduled for the first 48 hours after your baby is born, the In-home lifestyle session can be arranged for any time within the first 12 weeks of your baby's life.  Both session options provide beautiful keepsake records of your baby's first days, weeks or months. It's just up to you to decide when you would rather get started. 

Fresh 48 or In-home Newborn Session? 

This is entirely up to you. You have just given birth - it can be both a beautifully surreal moment and a hazardous experience! It's great to have low expectations about things going "back to normal". Your old normal is gone - a new normal is here! I suggest wearing something that's comfortable for you and something you can feed in. If you are really concerned, dark colours and loose-fitting clothes tend to be more flattering in the very early postpartum stage. The darker colours can also produce a nice backdrop for closeup images of your baby. Feel free to brush your hair and put on some lip balm, but you certainly don't have to get dressed up and perfect your eyeliner! Don't get me wrong, if you would like to wear makeup feel free, but there's absolutely no pressure. Our goal is to document the reality of this unique stage, not to put on a show.
It's completely fine to have a few changes of clothes for your baby too if there are some outfits you would like to try. 

What should we wear?

A Fresh 48 session takes place, as the name suggests, within the first 48 hours of your baby's arrival. I can visit you in hospital to capture your first moments together or, if you are discharged quite early, then I'm very happy to come to your home. The first 48 hours in your child's life is so fleeting! They change so much in just a few short days. One of the reasons I love Fresh 48 so much is because it really is a one-time deal. a once in a lifetime - literally - that you never get back again. At least not in this moment, and not for this child. 

What is a Fresh 48 session?

You may have seen a lot of pictures of newborn babies in baskets being squished into cute little poses. That's not what I do! 
My newborn photography is largely un-staged and natural. My goal is to capture you and your baby, just as you are, in your own environment. Whether that is your hospital room when baby first arrives or in your lounge room when you come home, I am looking for those real and authentic moments which will be special to you and your child forever, and which speak volumes of your love for them. Plan to allow at least an hour, usually up to 90 minutes. Often the in-home session can be a bit more relaxed because nurses and hospital staff are not coming in and out. However, the Fresh 48 session is the best opportunity to photograph those tiny wrinkled fresh newborn details. If your baby is particularly grizzly, I can give you more time to feed and settle - it's all part of the documentary process. 

What happens during the session?





Jasmine + Sam

This makes me explode with joy! 
Liz, you've done a phenomenal job!

James + Charley

We had a tremendous time with Liz. Liz took some amore than just taking snaps having Liz there facilitated some really fun family time. The photos weren’t posed and so Liz managed to capture many of the character quirks of our family members. Thank you so much! 

Grace + Oliver

Liz was just incredible to have over for our newborn session with wee Ella. Oliver and I are a bit awkward in front of cameras and we felt so comfortable and relaxed! She captured such special memories of those blurry first couple of weeks that we will treasure always. Thank you Liz!

Client Testimonials

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