Documentary photo story sessions are a fantastic opportunity for your family to set aside time to be together, to enjoy one another, and to be present. Most clients choose a session with me because they want to invest in the creation of special memories for their family. It's not just a financial investment; it's also about quality time.

I ask for all of my sessions to be technology-free zones so that you can really focus on each other. Spend an hour (or three!) doing things together that you love to do. It doesn't matter what it is. It can be as simple as pancakes and board games at home, or it can be an outing to the beach or foraging in the forest. The activity doesn't matter; it's just amazing to see the joy on your children's faces when they have their parents' undivided attention for a whole afternoon. It really is magical. I promise these will become some of your most cherished memories. 

How often do we capture those ordinary life moments? I know I don't even do it myself as often as I would like. Intentionality is something we often overlook with our fast-paced schedules. Unfortunately I know all too well what it is like to live with regret that I didn't capture particular moments and then the precious small details have changed in the blink of an eye. My children are always asking me to recount events from their childhood but I so often find that memories which haven't been visually recorded are lost to me, even after only a few short years. If there's no photograph, did it really happen? It's so hard to remember sometimes. 

This is why I'm so passionate about documentary photography, which is very different from studio portraiture. I want to help you preserve real moments, real life and precious details in all the small stuff. Smiling for the camera in a studio is fine, but it doesn't capture and record the essence of your family's story. It doesn't preserve the real and meaningful things that are unique to your family and worth holding onto. I'm motivated by the soft touch of a parent's hand on a newborn's cheek, and by the laugh lines around a grandmother's eyes as she watches her grandchild. I love to see brothers wrestling, sisters giggling, fathers tickling and mothers snuggling their kids. It's the evidence of love that lasts for a lifetime. Almost every week I have a conversation with someone whose favourite photos are the real and candid moments that show the true essence of a person's character and personality. Almost as regularly, I talk with people who regret photographic moments missed and loved ones lost. Don't put it off! What are these moments worth to you and your family? Your memories are precious and they are priceless. 

I have a range of documentary photography and film packages available, as well as payment plans. All of my sessions are for one nuclear family only. One set of grandparents can participate free of extra charge. Additional costs are involved for extended family sessions, or ask me about reduced prices if you are interested in a "Mummy (or Daddy) and Me" session for one parent and one child. My standard Family Photo Story, Newborn and Fresh 48 sessions are usually 60-90 minutes in duration. A Day-in-the-Life session is 3-4 hours. 


Family Photo Story, Newborn and Fresh 48 sessions fee 145
Day-in-the-Life family 1/2 day Photo Story session fee 375

After your session I will present you with your beautiful images and you can select the image collection of your choice.  All of my collections include both digital image options and gorgeous wall art.

My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to choose beautiful feature art pieces for your home and create stunning keepsakes that you will enjoy with your family for decades.

Image collections start from 550. Contact me for details!

Dr Seuss

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment
until it becomes a memory.

on a budget?


It's not a problem! I don't want you to miss out on preserving beautiful memories for your family. 
Believe me, I understand that capturing special moments is important but in a busy family the budget just might not stretch at certain times. I am able to arrange a payment plan with you for any of my collections if this is something you would prefer, so don't let it stop you from making lasting memories now for you and your children to cherish. Time is so fleeting, and once it's gone you don't get it back!

When you book, you will receive a collection and product list to look through so you can start to think about which products will suit your home and style and which image collection you would like to purchase. Your product ordering will be in your own time, there is no sales pitch or pressure to buy. 

Gift vouchers are also available if you would like to give a session for a baby shower, anniversary or birthday. Gift vouchers can be for a session fee or for an image collection (or both!).

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Framed WALL ART 

product ordering

My Favourite! There's nothing quite like re-living your memories with your children in a stunning album. We don't often print photos to display in albums the way previous generations did, which means our memories are often locked away on hard drives. An Heirloom album will become a treasured keepsake to be passed on for generations to come. There are a variety of different albums available with different page selections, customisable covers and embossing options. These high-end products are hand made right here in New Zealand with amazing quality materials. 

*I also offer beautiful Classic Matted Albums.
All of my albums and products can be ordered on a payment plan.

FrOm 895

HeirLoom AlbUm* 

Professionally framed prints are not only an eye-catching feature for your home; they will visually draw you in to the experience and memory of your family's special day. 
There are a variety of sizes and seven different frame colours to choose from - something for every taste and decor. They are hand-framed by a professional framer and come protected by a lovely safety acrylic, which means you will never need to worry about cheap broken glass around your children! Images can be matted, un-matted or floating and can be printed on a variety of different paper stocks. 
Unframed matted prints are also available, with prices starting from $75.

From 345

FramED wall art

Select a unique, gorgeous wooden box with your favourite image printed on the top! This is a truly beautiful statement piece which doubles as a frame and as somewhere to store precious keepsakes.
These are perfect for a baby's hospital bracelet, a lock of hair or a special toy and will look stunning on a shelf in your baby's room.
Not just for newborn photos, these will also look amazing in a family room or showcasing your favourite wedding photo.
Small and medium-sized boxes can be purchased in dark walnut or maple. The large boxes are available in walnut and also come as a package option together with a lovely matted album and loose matted prints. 
You are really going to fall in love with these! They also make great gifts for grandparents.

FROM 295

custom photo boxes 

sample Product Options* 

*These are only a sample of some of the beautiful products I offer.

HeirLoom Album 

eirloom albums are an amazing keepsake and they make a beautiful coffee table display too. 

Often we intend to make albums, but the photos pile up and we never get to it. 

Let me make it easy for you! Your only job is to select which images you would like your album to feature and I will do the rest! Don't worry, you'll be able to approve the final design before it goes to print.

These albums are beautifully hand-bound works of art. Smooth Satin or Textured Tintoretto pages give a stunning and timeless feel to your artwork. 

I print my Heirloom albums with Queensberry, makers of the very best quality albums on the market. Their products are stunning and timeless. Your memories are so important and your investment deserves the best attention to detail in the creation of your products.


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